High Security Hologram

What Are Security Holograms?

Security holograms are labels with a hologram on them, they are used primarily for security reasons. Security holograms are very difficult to forge because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipment. It cannot be manufactured just as other stickers. Holograms have also been used even in currencies.

Holograms are widely used all over the world for currencies, tax labels, property document authentications, stamp papers.

Hologram : Images are stacked that each of the images are alternatively visible depending on the angle of perspective of the viewer.

Holographic products are now the latest trend in the market. They are colourful, attractive, tamper evident and also give a unique identity to your brand. All the industries, small and big scale, are currently utilizing these holograms. Kumbhat Holographics strives to provide you with Holograms that match up with the International Standards.

What are the Benefits of Using Security Holograms?

  • Security Holograms authenticate your Brand
  • They promote Brand Recognition
  • Classify your Brand from counterfeit market
  • Hard to Duplicate
  • Help in promoting your Brand amongst the target consumers
  • Easily Tamper Evident


What Is The Process We Use To Create Holograms?

1- Firstly, a Master Hologram is made using special optical equipments depending upon the kind of features and effects required

  • 2D Master Holograms- Displays a consecutive different viewing angle of holographic lines with different colour combinations
  • 3D Master Holograms – These showcase conventional designs and patterns that appear digital when viewed from different angles
  • Dot-matrix High Resolution- Portrays innumerable dots consisting of different diffractions
  • Flip/ Flop- Represents two different 2d/3d design or patterns when viewed from two different angles

2- Pre-Press Process for mass production of holograms that is done in two ways- Electroforming or Recombining.

3- Thirdly, we do Embossing– An impression/ image replica is embossed on a lacquered holographic polyester film

4- Last process involves Converting– The embossed holographic film can either be converted into label form or in the form of Hot Stamping foil and applied on the surfaces with help of hands or machines.


Why Choose Kumbhat Holographics?

  • Because we at Kumbhat Holographics are famous for Brand Protection.
  • We utilize the ultra modern technologies meticulously handled by highly skilled and qualified experts to ensure your Brand Protection.
  • We are at par with the International Standards
  • Security Holograms that we design guarantee to give your Brand a unique identity to promote your business without any fear of duplication by the counterfeit marketers.
  • We give attention to the minutest detail whilst designing the holograms to ensure that the colour combinations and patterns we create are visually appealing.
  • We manufacture Holograms that possess high resolution with perfect print.
  • Our Security Holograms rates are very pocket friendly, so that, these are easily available for all kinds of industrial consumers.
  • These Holograms are easily Tamper Evident. Destruction of these are evident as soon as some kind of tampering happens.

Industrial Usage:

As we all are aware that Security Holograms are the latest trend in the market when it comes to Brand Protection, below is a list of Industries we extensively manufacture for:

  • Defense
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Metal Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Toy Industries
  • Stationery Industries

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